The museum presents a number of fun and very well attended special events each year.

The dates given below may be subject to change, so please check the website nearer the time of the event.

Pop up Exhibitions:

Times. 10.30am — 4pm
In the Garden Room
No extra charge -normal museum admission applies.
A pop-up-pound or donation would be appreciated.

  • March 14th – April 2nd (except Wednesdays): The Isle of Arran Heritage. The Arran High School Project
  • June 6th – 11th: Arran Folk Festivals
  • September 12th- October 23rd: Arran Clearances

Tuesday Talks 2024:

    Garden Room

    Talks on various aspects of Arran, fortnightly Tuesdays, in the Garden Room commencing 1.30pm.

    • March tbc: John Sillars. The Arran Clearances
    • 9th April: Malcolm Whitmore, Arran Access Trust. Access Matters. 20 years of the Arran Access Trust.
    • 23rd April: Keith Robertson. The past, present and future of herbal medicine on Arran.
    • 7th May: Liam Turbett. From Arran to Aragon: Bertie Milton in the Spanish Civil War.
    • 21st May: Alistair Dobson. Made in Arran.
    • 4th June: Angela Cassels. Kilpatrick’s Abandoned Settlements.
    • 18th June: Heather Macleod
    • 2nd July: Alison Paige
    • 9th July: Vikings
    • 16th July: Sheila Gilmore.
    • 30th July: Donald Guthrie. The Victorian Plant Hunters and their ties to Brodick Castle.
    • 13th August: The Holy Isle Projec
    • 27th August: Heather Lodge.
    • 10th September: Archives at Arran Heritage Museum. Special and unusual objects held.

    The dates given above may be subject to change, so please check our website and facebook nearer the time of the event.

    Special Event Days:

    • Sunday 9th June: Craft Day
    • Sunday 23rd June: Motorcycle Day
    • Sunday 28th July: Children’s Day
    • Sunday 11th August: Tractor Day

    More dates for your diary.

    • 12th and 13th July: Meet The Vikings
    • 24th August: Musical Workshop
    • 31st August—1st September: Wee Mac

    All Thursdays in July and August: Spinners and Weavers demonstrate their skills